👋 zach

An old soul - Zach was born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised by his two legend grandparents and has deep roots in the south.

High profile client experience - he’s worked alongside a few of LA’s most well-known and successful entrepreneurs ( Blake Mycoski, Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine etc ) He has worked with some of the most culturaly influential brands in the world.

A well trained, ultra OCD, clean eye for design. He is a less is more kind of artist and takes a minimalist approach. High attention to detail and the natural instinct to know the vibes people respond to.

Having lived in Venice Beach for nearly a decade, Zach has a finger on the pulse of the LA creative culture. His close friends are many of the prominent owners, creators and influencers working here in westside of LA.

Clear communication skills - he gets straight to the point and has a knack for presenting creative work.

Extremely quick hands, able to turn around designs, ideas, sketches at a lightning fast pace.

Interdisciplinary creative skills - Zach is a songwriter & blues guitar player and is currently finishing his latest EP entitled “el tigre”. He can paint, draw, write and hum hymns like his grandmother.

High level problem solving skills. Zach has an engineering, nerdy side. He rides a vintage 1972 Honda motorcycle and loves tinkering all things with motors. He comes from a family of mechanics and knows how to fix a thing or two with his hands.

Most importantly, he is a highly skilled creative, with nearly a decade of experience in living, making and paying attention. He knows that good vibes go a long way.

He is a lover of people and loves even more connecting the dots between different folks.

Like his grandma said, it takes all kinds to make the world go round.