qdoba | food photography & art direction

Zach was called in to help win the QDOQA Mexican Eats. AOR pitch with the award-winning team at Mistress Agency in Santa Monica, California.

Working with some of LA’s top food photographers, food stylists, chefs and creatives - Zach led the food shoots for QDOBA’s 2018 - 2019 campaigns. He developed the pre-production for each shoot while determining which shots needed to be captured in order to build digital, print and retail designs for each quarter. Zach ran the set on each of these shoots and worked closely with some of LA’s top food stylists, photographers and crew. Zach used his heavy design background, meticulous organizational skills and efficient work style to not only capture the content needed - but surpass the client’s expectation on high quality, professional photography.

Qdobe Hand Held Set_0086.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0122.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0129.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0200.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0217.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0254.jpg
Qdobe Hand Held Set_0003.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0214.jpg
Qdobe Hand Held Set_0009.jpg
Table Test_0351.jpg
Qdobe Hand Held Set_0053.jpg
Qdobe Catering Set w Hands_0182.jpg
Bowel social media_0101.jpg
Burrito social media_0022.jpg
Burrito Holding_123.jpg
Burrito Holding_129.jpg
Burrito OH_006.jpg
Catering OH Hands_089.jpg
Burrito OH_012.jpg
Pulled Pork OH_042.jpg
Catering Three Quarter w Hands _0167.jpg
Pulled Pork Three Quarter_073.jpg