career highlights

Creative Career Highlights

TOMS | Santa Monica, CA | 2011 - 2012

Zach started his career as a designer at the then startup, TOMS Shoes. He was tasked with working alongside the CEO and high profile entrepreneur, Blake Mycoski, to figure out how to get people excited on the concept of conscious consumerism. It was Zach’s first exposure to the challenge of visually communicating a lifestyle brand that connects with people from all walks of life (no pun intended).

His major successes from his first year in the design world include developing a hand-full of 360 digital campaigns surrounding the launch of new shoe styles. He was able to take his fine art background and apply that aesthetic to the big bad world of paid media & out of home print. They even tasked Zach with developing and executing the design concepts around their pop-up stores in LA - most notably at Space 15 Twenty on Hollywood & Cahuenga.

His start at TOMS proved to be invaluble as the connections and trusty eye developed there are still around today. As it turns out, life is long and good vibes go a long way in this industry.

Beats By Dre | Los Angeles, CA | 2013 - 2015

Perhaps the most notable, relevant and high profile role Zach has taken was lead designer & art director at the then startup, Beats By Dre. Zach was hired on as the first designer on the exploding team of marketing whizzes tasked with turning a headphone company into a global brand phenomenon.

Zach presented to, took direction from and worked directly alongside Andre Young (known better as Dr Dre.) and Jimmy Iovine to make the heaviest splash seen in the brand world since Nike Just Do It. Working at breakneck speed to keep up with modern media culture, Zach designed and concepted all of the retail marketing, massive OOH media placements, celebrity collaboration content pieces and a myriad of print / packaging challenges for the brand.

After two years, they turned around and saw a $3 billion dollar company that had been built purely on the marketing and design crafted during that time. Zach’s experience and exposure during that time has proven invaluable.

World Surf League | Santa Monica, CA | 2016 - 2017

Zach was asked to join the brand new design & marketing team of the then ASP (now the WSL) and give the brand a system for design that could draw in new fans to the sport of surfing while not alienating core audience of surf culture. Not an easy task. Zach worked alongside the CEO, Paul Speaker from the NFL, to do just that.

Using the amazing video and photographic content captured by his world class content team, Zach was able to create highly engaging ads and environmental design to make the sport of surfing feel part of mainstream sports culture.

Mistress Agency | Santa Monica, CA | 2017 - Present

Zach currently works on one of the key accounts at award-winning advertising agency Mistress in Santa Monica. The past year and a half he has focused on creating engaging original social content that has helped to elevate the humble Mexican food chain to a place of cultural relevancy.

He communicates and presents directly to the client (QDOBA) and leads the entire design team responsible for creating assets for the account.

Every quarter Zach leads and directs a $100k+ photoshoot to capture content for each quarterly campaign and oversees the design, pre-production, shoot schedule, capture and delivery of all video and photography assets. And he still loves nachos.

Aloha Creative Agency | Santa Monica, CA | 2017 - Present

After taking a year off to live, surf, recharge and be inspired by art in Southeast Asia, Australia and Fiji - Zach returned to LA to start his own design studio and serve as a project based agency for brands looking to elevate their social content.

Aloha Creative Agency has done original social content campaigns for brands like Kona Brew Co., Pause Float Studio, Antigua Cerveza and a hand-full of local Venice establishments including James’ Beach & Canal Club.

The ability to quickly turn around concepts, animation and design has given Zach an uncanny ability to create things that are relevant to modern culture, stay true to the brand’s vibe and elevate the perceptions of the clients he’s worked with.